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Four Things Every Landlord Should do to Maximize Returns on Investment Properties

Whether you are an “accidental” landlord or you invested in real estate to generate passive income, there are a few best practices that every landlord should implement to ensure that the time you put into managing your properties results in the best possible return.

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The Importance Of Maintaining your Rental Properties

Keeping your properties well maintained is crucial to the success of any rental operation, and it is the most important thing a landlord should do to ensure long-lasting, profitable rentals.

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Why You Shouldn't Pay Rent with Zelle or Venmo

There is an app for virtually anything these days because let's face it, apps are awesome. Money transferring apps have revolutionized how funds change hands, and their popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, and for good reason.

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Paying Rent with an ACH Transfer Online

The first of the month is creeping up again, and you find yourself faced with the daunting monthly task of figuring out, once again, how to pay your landlord for rent. If you are like most other Americans, chances are you are still paying rent the old fashioned way, using cash or having to mail or deposit a check.

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Why You Should Use an App to Collect Rent

Apps have become extremely popular since the Apple App Store was unveiled in July of 2008. Launching with only 500 mobile apps, Apple reached over 10 million downloads in the very first weekend!

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